Domino Theory goes mainstream…. Code Red (or) The Secret is out

In our previously posted "Brace Yourself"  posted on January 21, 2008, we specifically warned of the Domino Theory scenario.


Now the theory is now circulating among the mainstream media:


March 15, 2008

News Analysis

A Wall Street Domino Theory


The Federal Reserve’s unusual decision to provide emergency assistance to Bear Stearns underscores a long-building concern that one failure could spread across the financial system.

Wall Street firms like Bear Stearns conduct business with many individuals, corporations, financial companies, pension funds and hedge funds. They also do billions of dollars of business with each other every day, borrowing and lending securities at a dizzying pace and fueling the wheels of capitalism.

The sudden collapse of a major player could not only shake client confidence in the entire system, but also make it difficult for sound institutions to conduct business as usual. Hedge funds that rely on Bear to finance their trading and hold their securities would be stranded; investors who wrote financial contracts with Bear would be at risk; markets that depended on Bear to buy and sell securities would screech to a halt, if they were not already halted.


Once the risk is published by the mainstream media in the U.S., it moves from "possible" to "probable" reality.  The mainstream media intimately understands that perception moves society.

In Code Red: International Banking Liquidity has serious problems  exactly three months ago (12/17/2007), we alerted you that perilous times in the financial system were ahead.  Do not delay in getting your house in order!  Investors in Bear Stearns had stock worth $30 on Friday only to wake up today with a $2 stock value.  The Federal Reserve will not protect the average person and will sacrifice anybody and anything to keep the current banking system alive.  That is their mandate.  The credibility of the U.S. Dollar abroad is tanking.  2008 will be a turning point in world history.  It appears that the party is over for the greedy who have been extracting wealth from the masses.  Their "secret" is out. 

Credit crisis reveals America’s secret financial market

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Sun Mar 16, 12:18 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The financial hurricane tearing through Wall Street has sparked vast losses at major banks, but it has also exposed a formerly secretive corner of America’s financial markets.

Millions of Americans track the Dow Jones Industrial Average and their stock portfolios on a daily basis, but the trillion-dollar trade in mortgage-backed securities, corporate and municipal bonds and other complex securities is mostly hidden and closed to amateur investors.


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