The Path to Incompetence

Incompetence is the lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications.  The U.S. continues to pursue increased complexity in all aspects of its various systems.  Banks are thought to be too big to fail, Government follows a path of unlimited borrowing and unsupportable financial commitments, and students borrow money for fields of study that are in no way economically justified.  The ego’s standard modus operandi is to create a problem to be fixed.

How many of us use more than 20% or our smart phone’s capability?  How many electronic gadgets are now collecting dust on our shelves?  We marvel at our children’s toy boxes full of under-utilized toys yet we continue to create complex solutions that are suppose to make our lives better.

What new feature do we need in our automobiles?  It is increasingly difficult for auto makers to find the next big thing.  Hey, stick  your foot under the tailgate to open it!  I wonder how much that will cost to fix when it breaks?

In growing up, many teenage boys learned to work on their car, by necessity.  I could replace a starter in twenty minutes.  Now, there is no way I would tackle the job.  Fuel pumps now located in the tank???  Engineering is now been compromised by the financial manipulators.  The goal is to extract wealth from the unsuspecting public.  The cost to replace a Lexus starter is much more than a Toyota starter even though they are probably the exact same part.  It is all about perception.

Financial engineering has now become an art form, anything goes.  Regulation occurs with a “wink” at the highest levels for the so-called greater good.  How much longer will this path to collapse be sustained?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows for sure.  Until then we must step back and assess our personal path.  We can be assured that another bubble will burst.  What day will that happen?  Probably on a day least expected by most people.  After the fact there will be many to claim that they predicted the collapse.  If you throw out enough predictions, you are bound to get one right.

Specific prophecies and predictions require specific performance.  Until Our Heavenly Father gives you a specific word about the future, you should live your life based on HIS written Word and your specific calling.  How many contemporary prophets have prophesied specific words that have not come to pass?  Often these words will cause many people to place such weight on the prophecies they will cease any fruitful works.  The Mayan Calendar end date was one such prophecy.  The prophetic landscape has become so complex that on any given day, prophetic events could be deemed to occur.  The predictions I write about are based on what I see going forward based on my calling.  Unless Our Heavenly Father gives me a specific, unsolicited Word, I prefer to keep my comments generalized.  In the meantime our guide should be confirmed by HIS Word in Scripture.  We are all to be fruit inspectors.  “End time” prophecy teachers on TV have been issuing the same predictions over and over.  If their word does not come to pass, shouldn’t we focus on what we are called to do rather than the distractions all around us?

In my forty plus years of exposure and experience in the Information Technology arena, I can attest that higher complexity produces ultimate collapse.  Modular programming is simpler and maintainable.  One huge program with many functions may work but will not stand the test of time.  The same is true for other systems around us.  My recommendation is to continue to simplify your life in this world of ever increasing complexity.  In the end, the complexity will make us all incompetent. 

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