Do you know Our Heavenly Father?

What a simple question but what an all encompassing one.

1 John 4:8  He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

If you don’t love other people, you must question how well you know Our Heavenly Father.  Do you look for opportunities to bless others or do you look the other way?  Are you a good listener or are you so busy making your point, you fail to listen to what the other person is saying?  What was your emphasis this holiday season?  To give, or to get?  The end of the year is upon us, did you financially assist anyone this year or did you judge everyone around you to be unworthy of your support?  Did you spread some kindness to others?  Did you sacrifice time or other resources without any expectation of return?  Did you ask forgiveness for doing harm to someone this year?

These are tough questions for all of us.  Each of us must do a personal assessment of our growth.  We must put away the childish things and deal with more mature matters.  If we are to be as HE is, our fruit should pass inspection.  One of the goals of our Bible study is to pursue the fullness of Our Heavenly Father’s character.  As you better understand HIS character, you will begin to understand that every word given to us in Scripture has Love as its core intent.  This will open the door to greater revelation in the coming year.  May 2013 produce a fruitful harvest!

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