The Background of Experience provides a unique perspective


Dr. Speckhart’s Journal is the basis for our understanding of Electrodermal Screening (EDS).  In order to provide the reader with an understanding of Dr. Speckhart’s perspective, the following is a brief biographical outline of his training and experience.

Vincent J. Speckhart M.S., M.D., M.D. (H), B.S.


Seton Hall University 1952, Bachelor of Science-Chemistry and Biology

University of Maryland 1955, Masters Degree-Biochemistry

New York Medical College 1958, Doctor of Medicine

Mountainside Hospital 1964, Residency in Internal Medicine, Board eligible

Medical College of Virginia 1970, Post Doctoral Fellowship, Medical Oncology


Medical License: Commonwealth of Virginia 1971 to 2002. Currently: Inactive

Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine M.D. (H) 1991, Arizona


Flight Surgeon, United States Air Force 1959-1961

Medicine and Surgery, Likuni Hospital, Malawi, Central Africa 1966- 1969

Director of Medical Education/Medical Director De Paul Hospital, Norfolk, Va., 1971-


Private Practice, Medical Oncology, Norfolk, Virginia, 1971-1986

Clinical Investigation of Electrodermal Detection, Norfolk, Virginia 1986-2002

Professional Organizations:

Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, Investigator

Virginia Oncology Group, Founding President

Mid-Atlantic Oncology Program, Investigator

Hospice Volunteers of Virginia Beach, Founding President


Electrodermal Detection: 1993-Present, Nationally and Internationally

Biological Conductance Incorporated, President 2004 to present. Licensed author and lecturer