Restoration requires Judgment

There seems to be an increase in judgment among some of the brethren and/or their families.  The hearts of many are being exposed and there appears to be a judgment that has begun as a result.

Restoration requires a three step process to occur.  First there must be a revelation of the lawlessness.  Then a judgment of correction must occur.  This judgment leads to restoration of the individual to Our Heavenly Father.

Denial of reality is one of the biggest challenges an individual faces.  The counterfeit reality is promoted under the guise of hope against hope.  People are fed a continual diet of half-truths and outright lies and ultimately they have difficulty in perceiving the facts and the truth.  After enough time has passed, they now believe the agenda of the ones who have had their attention. 

The current flu epidemic is one such counterfeit reality.  We are all led to believe that if we don’t get our flu shot we will suffer the consequences, even death.  What the authorities don’t tell you is that preexisting conditions play a major role in the outcome of contracting the flu virus.  It is as though those who died were otherwise 100% healthy prior to contracting the flu.  After having used the EDS technology for the last seven years, I am convinced that the flu is not in itself the worst illness you can contract.

Over a lifetime of exposure to chemicals, bacteria, viruses, etc. we retain the “signal’s” for these invaders in our bio-field.  Whether a signal or the actual invader, the body’s immune system must deal with it.  Outward appearance does not even begin to reflect what is going on inside our bodies.  Our immune system is magnificent in its operation but it is not indestructible.  It can be overrun with too many invaders.  The accumulation of invaders over time create an overworked environment.  By methodically removing these signals similar to removing layers of an onion, we free up our immune system to do what it was designed to do, deal with new invaders.  The EDS system does not heal anything.  Instead, the body does.  Its function is to remove the signals which in some cases cause inflammation so that the body can do what it was designed to do, heal itself.

The Word of Our Heavenly Father removes counterfeit realities created by the ego, or old man.  False perceptions are exposed by HIS Word and as we receive HIS Word and respond (aka hearing), we will begin the restoration process as well.  Our soul begins to be restored.  Our body then begins to line up as well.  Rather than being bombarded with information and opinions from man, we seek revelation from Our Heavenly Father.  I assure you that there will be some pain as the counterfeit is removed.  We will find that we have been lawless in certain areas.  Our old man has had free rein to pursue self-motivated agendas at the expense of others.  We attempted to exalt ourselves above our brethren.  We often looked the other way while sin was in our midst thus endorsing it by our inaction.  We must the be judged and corrected by Our Heavenly Father.  We must embrace the correction with gladness.  Our joy must come forth even in the depths of our correction.

Once judgment is complete, restoration is at hand.  Restoration sets the stage for the fullness of Love to come forth.  Healing is part of that process.  Chronic disease and sickness must give way to Life and Love.  Pharmaceuticals will no longer be your best friend.  Your medicine cabinet will dry up.  The malfunctions of your body will begin repair in earnest.  Love will be the guide to move the process forward.  You will become sensitive and attract the nutrition best for your body.  You will no longer abuse your body with the cravings that ruled you in the past.  Once the judgment phase has ended, restoration will be in full swing.

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