Just like clockwork

As I mentioned in the “Days Ahead” blog last week, when I see 111, 1111, or 11111, I take note.  Pope Benedict XVI (16th) is the 111th Pope based on a historic writing Stephen Jones wrote about:

“According to St. Malachy in the year 1140, Pope Benedict is the last in the list of popes before "Peter the Roman." St. Malachy was an Irish monk who was said to have the gift of healing. He went to Rome in 1139 after being summoned by Pope Innocent II, and while he was there he was said to have had visions of 111 future popes, beginning with Pope Celestine II in 1143. He gave a short motto describing each of them.’

Also, our friends from NY reminded me that 256 is 16×16, the double witness of Love.  I spoke about the Infinity 256 call we received on Friday in yesterday’s Bible study.  The Spiritual activity remains high, the Pope confirmed that.

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