Reality Fraud

Let’s face the facts, governments, politicians, corporations, and people are lying about everything.  Less and less integrity is to be found among the major power players around the globe.  The subtlety of the “love of money” or greed is so widespread, only discernment from Above can protect us from certain financial destruction.  With the Federal Reserve Bank purchasing U.S. Debt at such staggering rates, we must conclude that the U.S. is technically in default.  The Fed is creating money out of thin air then buying debt instruments issued by the U.S. Treasury.  In turn, the Treasury pays interest on bonds that were purchased with worthless fiat currency.  What a deal!

The Libor scandal where major banks colluded to fix the primary interest rate paid worldwide has had little impact on reform.  Why?  The very people who enforce the law have friends who broke the law.  It’s all about having friends in high places.

The Plunge Protection Team (PPT) is alive and well and manipulating markets for their “greater good”.  Insider trading continues to reap large profits with only a few scapegoats sacrificed to placate the public.  In the meantime, technical charts are being manipulated to extract money from the masses to benefit a few “privileged” trading banks.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) was forced to relax and compromise its requirements that banks properly account for fair market value of assets thus allowing insolvent banks to continue in operation in hopes that their profits would cover up their true losses and return to minimum capital requirements.  Housing is in recovery only because foreclosed properties are being kept off the market to paint a false picture of reality.  The news media is accommodating by reporting a “recovery” in housing.

The Fed has kept interest rates lower than the market would otherwise require in order to re-liquefy the banks.  Effectively, this has been the greatest theft of personal wealth of private savers in history.  Coupled with the understatement and manipulation of the Consumer Price Index, senior citizens on Social Security are being robbed of their cost of living increases, another method of theft.

The above sums up why investment in gold, silver, and other physical assets is focused on defending yourself against the fraud that permeates today’s society.  The Chinese know this and that is why they continue to accumulate gold reserves.  When the day of reckoning finally occurs, physical assets will prevail.

The vessels of honor are being raised up for the day of reckoning.  Ultimately, the Elect will not be deceived but will have the Wisdom from Above to deal with the coming crisis… thankfully!

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