The Question of Wealth

Since August of 1987 I have been aware of my calling in the financial arena of the Kingdom of GOD however it did not start there.  It began before I was formed in the womb:

Jeremiah 1:4 Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying:

​5 ​​“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;

​​Before you were born I sanctified you;

​​I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

A financial calling deals with resources- human capital, money, land, commodities, etc.  I believe that is a part of this calling.  It is built and operational to the point of resource identification but nothing more than that at this point.  Why?  Because Our Heavenly Father has not instructed me further on it yet.

I was asked by a beloved brother and sister yesterday what I would do with a windfall of cash in establishing the Kingdom.  My only response can be that Our Heavenly Father has not yet instructed me on where to deploy resources.  Five questions come to mind when contemplating the answer:

1.  What do I lack in order for the manifestation of my calling to occur?

2.  Why has it not yet happened?

3.  When should I expect it to happen?

4.  Where will the resources come from?

5.  How will those resources manifest?

Questions 2 through 5 are really secondary to question #1.  I believe once I answer and resolve question #1, then the rest will be answered or will not need an answer.

What am I lacking?  What is needed before Our Heavenly Father will release the resources of Heaven and be placed under my command?  First and foremost I need to fully represent HIS nature and character.  This is the only way I can be about MY FATHER’S business.  Anything short of this would cause me to come short of establishing HIS Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.  This is exactly why HE has had me focus on HIS LOVE since 2005.  Without this most fundamental characteristic fully operational in my life, how could I expect to be in command of unlimited resources from Heaven.  How could I be trusted to properly distribute resources in the proper manner, at the proper time, and to the appropriate place?

If there is one thing I know, I MUST change!  I must empty myself of “me” and accept the fullness of “HIM”.  I must be immersed completely IN HIM.  I must be led by the Holy Spirit. I must only speak what I hear MY FATHER saying and do only what I hear MY FATHER instructing me to do.

I look back to 1987 and see that if Our Heavenly Father had provided me the funds to establish the Kingdom, I would have failed miserably.  I was not mature enough IN HIM to accomplish the calling.  Do I hear an “Amen” out there?

LOVE is the primary characteristic of Our Heavenly Father.  HIS Divine Intent is directed by LOVE.  In order to walk fully in our calling, we must have HIS Divine Intent directing us.  How do we get there?  By focusing on this characteristic, dwelling in it, walking it out, expressing it, promoting it, putting action behind it.

Do you really think that HE will open the windows of Heaven to a group of people who do not display HIS most fundamental characteristic?  Do you think HE will hand over HIS power and authority to an unprepared steward?  We keep looking to some event to happen rather than looking inward to see if we are truly ready and prepared to be fully activated in our calling.  Oh how much easier it would be to simply sit back and wait rather than fully prepare ourselves.  After all, what is a faithful steward?

Once we have the foundation of Love, we will be able to tap into the Wisdom from Above, then understanding, then knowledge, and finally skill to accomplish our calling.  Everyone wants knowledge and skill while bypassing the fundamentals.  Students in America have mortgaged their futures in pursuit of knowledge and skill but fail to have the wisdom to guide them properly.  The end result will be enslavement.

I will continue the path to the fullness of the Baptism of Love.  IN HIM will I be able to fully embrace the Wisdom from Above which will bring forth true understanding, knowledge, and skill.  At the point, the rest of the questions will be answered.

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