What are you fulfilling?

Romans 8:5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit

Are you fulfilling the flesh or the Spirit?  Are you fulfilling the Law?  Do you take pleasure in being lawful?  Jesus said that all the Law was fulfilled by the Two Commandments of Love.  Do you follow Love or self-preservation?  Are you focused on serving mankind or sustaining yourself no matter what the costs to others?  Are you walking in true peace or do you have to muster up some sort of peaceful state everyday?

Your flesh is a formidable foe to your spirit man.  It knows you like no other, except for Our Heavenly Father of course.  Your flesh is constant scheming and rationalizing why you shouldn’t walk according to the Spirit.  Paul was well aware of the two “I’s”.

It is HIS mercy and not your works that qualify you as an overcomer.  However you are called to be in agreement with HIM.  Your focus should be to plant good seeds of Love everywhere you go.  Practice being kind, thoughtful, and trustworthy.  Smile.  Be grateful to be alive at this time.  After all, it was HIS decision to put you on earth at this hour.  Exalt HIM for that very fact even though you don’t know the fullness of that decision.

Assess your actions in the last 24 hours.  What did you fulfill: your flesh or your Spirit?  Were you a vessel of honor or dishonor?  You do know that vessels of dishonor will ultimately become vessels of honor don’t you?  I suggest taking your pain early for it will be a more enjoyable ride.

Are you exalting yourself in your daily activities or making yourself of no reputation?  Taking on the role of a servant allows Our Heavenly Father to exalt you in a sustaining manner.  When your ego exalts you, it is but for a moment only and then a vacuum forms and disappointment sets in.

These blogs are not to beat you down but to simply differentiate the truth from a lie and to encourage you to correct your walk according to HIS Word.  I too have to read and abide by the words of correction, possibly more than many of the brethren.  Paul wrote much from personal experience as ordained by Our Heavenly Father.

This week symbolizes the sufferings of Christ prior to HIS sacrifice at the Cross.  HIS sacrifice was necessary for our reconciliation to Our Heavenly Father.  I am truly grateful for this and I do not hesitate to express gratitude for HIS act.  One of the greatest expressions of gratitude is to pursue the commands given by Jesus.  Love!  When you do this, you are fulfilling the Spirit!

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