The Collision with Time

As the intent of men to enslave the masses sweeps across the earth, Our Heavenly Father prepares the ephod of our calling to be placed on us to fulfill the deliverance of man from death and destruction.  We have been in a time of preparation similar to that of many called out ones in Scripture: Abraham, Joseph, David, Esther, Paul…   Each person had a specific calling on his or her life.  The uniqueness of the calling satisfied the demands at the time the calling became operational.  The time of preparation was well underway when we were formed in the womb.  Our Heavenly Father’s plan allowed for the years of preparation required to bring us to full stature.

The expectations of our calling are unique to each of us.  Just as each body part is needed to complete the person, each calling has its unique characteristics to provide the necessary tools to complete our portion of the overall plan of Our Heavenly Father.  Some are called to be on the front line whereas others are called to intercede in the quiet of their prayer closets.  Each calling is important to the outcome.

The complexities brought on my man’s attempt to exalt himself above Our Heavenly Father and sit on the Throne will be brought down and removed just as all the idols in the past were cut down, thrown down, crushed, or simply removed.  Those that did evil in the sight of THE LORD will be judged and corrected as is necessary to remove any and all hindrances from their restoration.

Those who have attempted to usurp the callings of others will have their robe of the ephod removed.  Their apparent power and authority was only for a season until the person with the true calling was fully prepared to operate in the fullness of the calling.  As death and destruction seem inevitable, grace and mercy will prevail and Love will swallow up death and make it of none effect.

We must walk in gratitude no matter what our surroundings suggest.  Some of us are going through trials with no apparent end in sight.  Be of good courage, others of us are answering the call of deliverance that will surely assist in delivering you from your circumstances.  We are the Amen people to Our Heavenly Father’s declarations.  We have responded as instructed and declared HIS Name above all others.  We have stood in the gap in intercession as we have been charged by Our Heavenly Father.  Yes, we are HIS witnesses on earth to testify of HIS ownership, rights, and authority over all the earth and its contents.  Our declarations have been made before the Divine Court and Throne of Grace.  Our testimonies have been accurate and sure.  Our Love has express its many attributes and issued a verdict of grace and forgiveness, not giving the adversary a foothold among us.

We present ourselves covered with the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ whose sacrifice enabled us to access the Throne of Grace.  His Blood was deemed acceptable.  His sufferings provided the path to the Throne for those of the Order of Melchisedec.

We are approaching the fullness of time.  We are ordained by Our Heavenly Father to be here at this time and to fulfill our calling given to us before we were placed in the womb.  The time and place of your birth is no accident.  Reading this blog is not by accident either.  Your exposure to these words of encouragement were ordained by Our Heavenly Father.  Embrace this time in history.  It will be exciting for us all for we have been selected to do our part in the restoration of mankind.  Selah.

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