Letter from a Beloved Sister

Dear Servias Ministries

I want to thank you for sending the Ascending to Love book. I have read it and I have had dreams and visions which confirm to me what was written in the book.

On October 11, 2005 I had a vision which was a TV screen and I saw myself along with others laying hands on people. Underneath the picture were the words in white letters – healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead and bringing people to Christ and His Kingdom. But most important was how I was inside me at that moment. I loved people so much. All I wanted to do was reach out to people and help them. I had such a deep deep trust in God. I didn’t need to think about
myself because I knew God would take care of me when I reached out to others. Also I could NOT be offended in anyway by anyone. There was no self in that love. There was no fear. If God wanted me to talk to thousands or even millions of people there wouldn’t be any fear because I knew God would give me the right words to say. (normally I couldn’t do that) This only lasted a short time. It was a beautiful place to be always. I do believe this is the revelation of love this book is about.

Thank you Robert Henley for writing this book and giving it freely.

Her vision depicts one of the fruit I expect to come forth as we embrace the fullness of Love.

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