Dr. Vincent Speckhart’s Book Now Available at unity153.net

We are excited about this last book published by Servias Ministries.  You may now purchase “Quantum and Non-Quantum States of The Lord Jesus Christ” by Dr. Vincent Speckhart at www.unity153.net 

The Lord Jesus Christ is perceived by many to be a prominent religious figure whose influence on world events is debatable and whose teaching is subject to personal interpretation.  This book explains that structures and functions in creation are based on scientific laws of physics that are in agreement with revelations found in the narrative of Sacred Scripture.

You will click on the .  You can then purchase not only Dr. Speckhart’s book but our other books.

We will be using his book as our focus in our upcoming online Bible studies.  As always, if you are unable to purchase this book or our other selections, simply write us at:

Servias Ministries

PO Box 1471

Bethany, OK  73008

We will send you the requested books at no charge and we will also pay postage.

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