Love Warns

Our Heavenly Father’s Character is expressed by HIS Law.  In the laws of warfare, the enemy is given notice before the battle begin.  They have the option to surrender in peace and become subject to the righteousness of THE LORD.  When Israel was to take the Promised Land, they were to follow the rules of warfare given to them by Our Heavenly Father, expressed through Moses in the Law.  Deuteronomy 20 provides detail.  The inhabitants of the Promised Land were lawless serving other gods.  They could submit through peaceful means or they could be taken by force.  It was their choice.  In the bigger picture, Love warns of the consequences and provides us with many opportunities to choose a less traumatic path to take.  It is no different in the economic picture.  The bigger the stakes, the greater the warning and the more time we are given to make the right choice.  HIS longsuffering is well documented in the Book of Judges.

The current economic system is plagued with lawlessness and sustained greed.  The basis of the structure is unequal weights and measures.  The impact to the public is staggering thus the inhabitants are given substantial warning and time to repent.  Warning after warning, crisis after crisis, and the lawlessness continues.  How long will the current system conduct itself in a lawless manner?  When is the “fullness of time”?  When has longsuffering reached its climax?  That is the question on everybody’s mind.  Our Heavenly Father has warned us, given us instruction on protecting ourselves, prepared us by maturing us with tests and trials.  We’ve been told to simplify, we’ve been told to disconnect our finances from debt, and we’ve been encouraged to understand the fullness of Love.  Would HE focus on those things if there was not a need to operate in such a manner soon?  You can’t claim to be surprised when the coming epic events occur.  The warnings were issued.  Some will take heed and others  won’t.

The U.S. banking system isn’t the only system with problems.  The following focuses on the European Union’s woes:


Sound familiar?

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