“Raising a Remnant” now available for ordering

I am pleased to announce the latest book published by Servias Ministries is now available for ordering at the www.unity153.net website.

I have read the manuscript and believe that the book should be read by every person who wants to move to a higher level of maturity in the Body of Christ.  Kemper is one of the members of our Online Bible Study and provides a fresh look at many passages we cover.  Our Heavenly Father has hidden him away for the last couple of decades and he has focused intently on understanding the breadth of the Word.  I know for a certainty that when we cover his book in our Bible study, many of the brethren will be grateful for his willingness to write this book for distribution.  I also know that I will read this book again as I want to immerse myself in the many truths that are contained therein.

We expect to begin filling orders for the book by the end of next week.

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