Out of Control

Early yesterday it was clear the markets were out of control.  China had issued a statement about the excess leverage in its banking system.  The world markets responded with substantial losses.  The Fed and Chinese stepped in and eased the concerns and the Dow Jones Average recouped earlier losses of the session.

The Chinese economy confirms its slowdown as well as Australia.  Emerging countries’ currencies are disconnecting.  Bond interest rates are rising.  UK salaries are continuing to fall.  Riots are affecting Brazil, Turkey and Sweden.  The Eurozone is still in recession.  The U.S. is still injecting $85 Billion per month to prop up markets. 
The Japanese Nikkei stock index has fallen more than 20% in three weeks during which there have been three sessions with losses exceeding 5%.

The Federal Reserve has had the view that if you can create the “wealth” effect, consumers will spend.  This was to be done by propping up the housing market and stock market.  What about those 23% who do not have a job and the impact on those who have to support them?  That drags down the desire to spend when you have family and friends needing assistance.

The U.S. real estate market is not in as good of shape as the media would have you believe.  Just look around.  There are houses on the market for sale as well as vacant houses not yet for sale as well as houses that should be foreclosed but the banks have stalled until the pipeline can handle more properties.  There are millions of distressed properties available.  Property values are notably down from the 2008 top.  Yes, some agri-land properties haven’t lost value but consumer residential properties in middle-class neighborhoods are the big issue.

A second crisis appears to be on the horizon.  We all need to be spiritually prepared.  The time frame is in Our Heavenly Father’s hands.  Will it be 2013?  I have no idea other than what Our Heavenly Father is having us do in preparation.  Our focus is on haring His Voice, simplifying our lives, and moving toward maturing in our understanding of the Truths in Scripture.  Our little Bible study is like a microcosm of the big picture.  First, we focus on HIS Character trait of Love.  Second, we are given the understanding of the Quantum versus Non-Quantum aspects of super-positioning, this being a protective aspect reserved for the “time of trouble”.  Third, the climatic maturing of the Remnant will begin in our study shortly.  Each day that passes gives each of us the opportunity to mature a little more.  Focus on being sensitive to HIS Voice.  Turn off the radio or TV and listen.  Clear your head of all the noise of the world.  Focus on what is important now!  The current system is heading towards a cliff and we must remain vigilant in our ongoing preparation toward the fullness of our individual callings.  The writing is on the wall.

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