Doing Nothing Except…

Quieting the mind, will, and emotions is now the focus.  Each of us must come to the fullness of only doing what we are instructed to do by Our Heavenly Father.  We must set aside those opportunities that scream “action” and wait upon THE LORD.  We must focus on doing nothing on our own but to walk according to HIS leading and expect the fruitfulness to be manifested to a greater degree.

Luke 2:49 And He said to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” 50 But they did not understand the statement which He spoke to them.

Jesus understood the need to be about HIS FATHER’S business at a young age.  By the time He was thirty years of age, He was completely tuned in to what He was to do on a daily basis.  Not My will but YOUR will be done!

Men expend a lot of time and energy in an effort to be fruitful.  The return on their investment of time, energy, and money are often extremely low, sometimes at a loss.  Over my years of investing, I look back at four or five major opportunities that were exceptional.  Some I responded to, others I did not.  All other opportunities were of minor consequence or simply produced a loss.  When I look at the successes, I find that they were due to me listening to MY HEAVENLY FATHER.  When I look at the failures, I find that I listened to man’s opinion and was not led at all by THE SPIRIT.  I must also say there were instances where HE directed me to invest to expose the idols in my heart and that was a tough lesson.  We must be thankful in all things, the blessings and the sufferings.

Success is not about how much activity can be generated but by only doing what we hear Our Heavenly Father speak.  Additionally, as we walk in our gifts and calling we will be fruitful because it is ordained from the womb.  Our gifts and calling were expressed to us before HE formed us in the womb thus our success can be attributed to hearing at that time as well.  The point is that we must not let our mind, will, and emotions dictate our path, actions, and responses.  As our mind is allowed to control our path, our spirit becomes weak.  We then fall under the same probability of success as the world.  The volatility ahead will scream out the demand for action.  We must tune out this noise and expect Our Heavenly  Father to guide us through the turmoil.

Luke 4:4 And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

Let us focus on HIS every Word!

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