A 1,000 Words

John WIlliams at www.shadowstats.com provides us with a comparative graph to show the reality of the U.S. Economy:

This picture confirms what I see in my daily life.  Restaurants are not as crowded, Walmart and Target are not as busy, and there are plenty of commercial properties that have been closed and now are up for sale.  When I was in New York recently I noticed that it was not as busy as previous trips to the “Big Apple”.  The Federal Reserve has injected huge amounts of money into the system and the above graph is the result.  They were able to keep the patient on life support but for how long?

With the latest whistle-blowing the U.S. has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar.  Further, officials who have lied to Congress have been exposed for all the world to judge… and it ain’t pretty.  They simply provided that crucial second witness needed for the BRICS countries to further decouple their economies away from the Dollar reserve currency.  Who wants to do business with someone of this nature?

Events are accelerating and that will lead toward volatility in the markets.  We must maintain our resolve and commitment to what Our Heavenly Father has shown us during these times.  Hearing HIS Voice is of critical importance.  During the coming transition we must continue to “beaver away” in what is connected to our individual callings.  Our gifts should be operating at 100%.  Let not the events cause you to be caught in a trance of indecision or inaction.  HE will guide you daily in preparation of coming events.  There is plenty to do in relation to your calling.  There is plenty to give up that has nothing to do with what the future holds.  I call these activities “time burners”.  Minimize those activities that seek only to distract you from your calling.  If in doubt, do nothing until you hear Our Heavenly Father provide direction.  It will be the best of times, or the worst of times, depending on whose voice you are listening to.  

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