Exposure to Revelation

Our Heavenly Father uses various means to express HIS Heart and Character. The Holy Scripture is one means, these blogs are another means, and writings by those who have studied and meditated on HIS Word are another great source.
Over the years I have read countless books and listened to many recordings, some as many as six to seven times. Why so many? Because the concentration of revelation and understanding contained necessitated multiple exposures. It’s is one aspect of immersing yourself in revelation.
Raising a Remnant is another such book. While at the beach, I like to read and contemplate the deeper truths. The peace and tranquility of the waves provide an excellent backdrop for a revelation to “soak in”.

I urge you to obtain a copy of this book at www.unity153.net if you don’t have the funds, no worries. Just send us a letter requesting a copy at:
Servias Ministries
PO Box 1471
Bethany, OK. 73008
We will mail you a book at no cost. The biggest issue I have with this book is that if I underline everything I want to go back and review, each page begins to take on a yellow hue! Do you get my drift?

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