Personal Economic Defense Plan Review

On February 3rd of this year I posted: Personal Economic Defense Plan.

Let’s review my recommendation:

5. Weight your stock portfolio to energy (oil & gas), gold, silver, & coppper stocks, and consistent dividend paying stocks.  Chevron, Petrohawk, Goldcorp, Yamana Gold, Silvercorp, GE, Southern Copper, Penn West Energy are all stocks for your review (see disclaimer).  There are other stocks but these have had some prior review.  I expect oil to trade over $150 per barrel.  I expect natural gas to exceed $10 per mcf.

Investment 2/4/08 7/1/08 % change Comment
Chevron 82.02 99.08 +20% good dividend
Goldcorp 36.21 48.16 +33% big player, small dividend
Yamana Gold 15.19 16.25 +6.9% Upcoming, good management
Silvercorp 9.81 6.00 -39% I believe this is a good buy, record earnings
GE 34.20 27.12 -21% dragged down by blue chip stocks, good dividend
Southern Copper 98.44 107.09 +8.7% good dividend, China will be buying copper for years
Penn West Energy 26.98 33.92 +25% great dividend and in natural gas
Gold 891 939 +5.4% near term target $1,200
Silver 16.51 18.09 +9.5% near term target $25
Oil 90.07 141.00 +56% one ugly hurricane and we are at $200
Natural Gas 7.55 13.08 +73% coal is out of favor, natural gas is in


Silvercorp has dragged down the performance of this model portfolio.  They announced record earnings and went south.  I believe that an "illegal short" play has suppressed this stock.  I recently purchased this stock under $6 per share.  I believe it is a great buy!  If it is still this cheap next month, I will buy some more.  Overall the portfolio is up over 5% without including the dividend payments.  A savings account would be up by 1.5% for the same period.

Linda writes,

how would one acquire swiss francs or euros or silver rounds, do you just have 
a certificate saying you have them like stock shares? sells silver allows you to hold money in other currencies.  They display the FDIC insurance logo.
Johnny writes,

Besides following the Spirit of God, who would you recommend as a financial advisor, brokerage firm, financial software?

thank you , truth in love, In His Service

I use Scottrade.  They have branches as well as Internet brokerage accounts.  Each U.S. stock trade costs $7.
As far as a financial advisor, I can't recommend one.  I receive mailings from financial advisors and they all tend to follow the herd.
The purpose of this blog is to provide information and perspective.  It is your responsibility to discern what is best for you.

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