Census Update

We continue to receive Census registration and coins in the mail.  I open each package and read the notes included.  Thank you for your encouraging remarks about the work we are doing for the Kingdom.  Our goal is to minister life to those who read our blogs, read the books we publish, and watch our broadcasts.

We track each coin and keep the coin separated for audit purposes.  We take this Census seriously.  For those without an email address, we post the Census information using a generated, unique email address in the www.unity153.net website so that we can keep an accurate tally.

It would appear that our Census is running parallel with the prophetic intercession Stephen wrote about yesterday.  See: http://www.gods-kingdom-ministries.net/daily-weblogs/2013/08-2013/part-1-intercession-to-end-the-famine-august-6-to-september-14/

What are the implications?  At this point I couldn’t tell you.  Our Heavenly Father has not revealed the ramifications of this Census to me.  However, your participation is an indication of the relevance at this time.  Thanks again!

To read more on the details and understanding of the Census, go to:  http://www.servias.org/?cat=11  and start at the oldest posting.

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