Census Coin Acquisition Update

Recently, I indicated that we could obtain on your behalf a 1 oz. Silver Eagle for 24.24.  Today’s quote (locally) is now 28.24 per ounce.  Those who have requested our assistance in acquiring their coins, there is no need to send us the difference.  Any new donations through www.unity153.net for coin acquisition should be at 28.24 per coin.  As always, if you are short of cash, send what you are able and we will make up the difference.  Silver has continued its march higher as you can see by the $4 increase for one coin.  No money?  No worries, some people have donated extra coins to assist brothers and sisters in need.  We just need to know if assistance is needed.

Once again, if you want us to acquire the coin and you use the “Donate” function on the www.unity153.net website, used the following formula:

1 coin = 28.24

2 coins =  56.48

3 coins =  84.72  etc.

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