World Debt: $250 Trillion

We are moving quickly to the edge of an economic collapse.  Am I promoting a collapse?  No.  I would prefer to see an orderly transition to a new economic system but it is not my call.  That belongs to Our Heavenly Father.  Has HE caused orderly transitions in the past?  Not that I have seen in history or Scripture.  The term “then suddenly” comes to mind.

Greed has a subtle way of infiltrating men’s affairs.  Being the root of all evil, we can we how its works behind the scenes to bring forth calamity and chaos.  If you have not read the link  , now might be a good time.  It may not stay up long.  In my European travels in the late 90’s and early 00’s, I was exposed to this subterfuge that went to the highest levels.  The “system” was used by men for personal gain.  After they leave office, they never seem to need to work again.  Hmmm!  Foundations get started and they become statesmen, and I use that term loosely.  Power is a symptom of greed and it is insatiable.  The fundamental problem with their assumptions is that they will collapse the system they need to keep them in power.  The endgame is self destruction.

There will come a great Jubilee out of all of this debt.  I don’t know the mechanics at this time, but the current system will implode at some point.  This jubilee might have a lot of pain attached to it.  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who have trusted in the current system.  They will have difficulty adjusting to the emotional pain they will suffer and sustain for a period of time.  Their trust in money, cars, large houses, and other “stuff” will evaporate over night.  Their current life of denial will suddenly be exposed.  Some will have nervous breakdowns from the sudden loss of perceived wealth.  I saw that happen to a man in 1985 when his “empire” came crumbling down.  Greed and power left him… suddenly.  It was ugly.

Our Heavenly Father has always reserved a Remnant for HIS use:

Isaiah 1:9  Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, [and] we should have been like unto Gomorrah. 

This should be comforting to us that Our Heavenly Father will see us through what lies ahead.  We should not fear the future for Our Heavenly Father is not slack in HIS promises.  HE sustained HIS children through epic challenges in the past.  HE will do it again as we approach the challenging times ahead.  Our responsibility is to be prepared, not sit in a corner doing nothing.  Our preparation starts with the Spiritual.  Are you weak when it comes to Love?  Then focus on Love.  Are you weak in faith?  Focus on faith.  Encourage yourself in the Scriptures.  Read related books by those who have been anointed to teach.  Let your works reflect your commitment to serving mankind.  Our Heavenly Father knew a famine was coming when HE placed Joseph in a 13 year training plan.  Mankind did not escape the famine but went through the famine, led by a man of GOD.  Joseph was willing to serve all of mankind, not just his own family.  Broaden your perspective.  You may be called to increase your “tent stakes”.  Don’t be surprised when people lose all they have and finally seek those with the Truth in Love.  Currently, $250 Trillion in debt has many captives.  Soon, they may be set free.

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