Census with the Son of Nun

As you may recall, our Census reflects the 2nd Census of Numbers.  Twenty years ago, Stephen Jones was called to do a Census for the purposes of spiritual warfare.  This Census focuses on “Inheritance of the Promised Land”.  This Census was taken just prior to entering into the Promised Land and to be used by Joshua, not Moses.  Moses knew this.

Joshua, or “Hoshea,” was the son of Nun (נון), “fish, posterity” as in a swarm, teeming with life (from Stephen’s web blog).  This ties directly to our www.unity153.net website Our Heavenly Father has us name and build prior to any revelation about taking a Census.  This description of ‘”Nun” correlates to the 153 fish ordained to be placed in the net in John 21.  These are the “sons of GOD” teaming with the fullness of life.

Back in 1998-99, Stephen contacted me about participating in a Bible Law project to be placed on the Internet.  He chose 12 men.  I was number 7 (per his comment).  Being the only left-handed man among the group, I knew there was a connection to Benjamin.  We picked lots to determine our topics.  Mine happened to be “inheritance” laws.  In Exodus 1 and in the Book of Joshua, Benjamin happened to be the seventh tribe listed, another coincidence.  It turns out the all but two of us left the project before it was finished.  Myself and my Aussie buddy finished the project in early 2000.

It is interesting to see the chronology of events that brings us to this day.  September 14th is the final day of the 2nd Census.  Many have been led to respond.  Of course, this Census has nothing to do with salvation.  But just as I have been called to do many prophetic works in the past, I am sure Our Heavenly Father will use this act for something of note.  By faith, we respond.  For the last 42 years I have heard and responded to HIS Voice.  Today, it will be no different.  We will await HIS further instructions about the results of the Census.  The Heavenly Court System demands a lawful accounting.  The adversary can challenge our claims to inheritance, but as we by faith respond to this Census HE called, we have satisfied the requirements of The Law in the Heaven.  We are the witnesses on earth and value has been exchanged to prove our intent.

The Census was proclaimed on May 1st.  In seventeen days, the Census will end.

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