The Wolf has been redeemed

I open each and every package that arrives for the Second Census.  A Beloved Brother happened to send silver “wolf” coins from the Canadian Mint.  When I saw these, I immediately knew they denoted the redemption of the tribe of Benjamin.  See Stephen Jones’ blog on this topic:   I expect to see the blessing aspect of Benjamin’s prophetic word by Moses to manifest.

We continue to have extra, unallocated coins for those who are unable to financially secure a coin or coins for the Census.  Love is abounding in the hearts of those who have the means to help.  We are all in unity and thus those with the means help those without… unconditionally.  If you want to register and have no coin, simply go to and sign up, mark the box that indicates you need assistance.  We will allocate a coin on your behalf.  Each coin has a name assigned to it.  If you are technically challenged, just write us at:

Servias Ministries

PO BOX 1471

Bethany, OK 73008

We will load your information on your behalf into the secure site.

For further information on the Census, go to the “Census” category at this site.  You might start reading at the oldest post.  There are 11 days left to register.

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