532: Promoting Unity

When Our Heavenly Father led us to call forth the Second Census, we did so with very few details.  Over the last 42 years, HE has called me to respond to HIS Word many times.  When I did, the result was successful.  When I didn’t, the result was often ugly.  I had to learn to become an “Amen” person.  So be it.  Yes, LORD.  When I was a young man, I thought I was indestructible and knew what was best.  Our Heavenly Father patiently guided me through the tests and trials, allowing me to see who knows best.  Obviously, it was not me.

Acknowledging HIS ways are higher than my ways was a step in the right direction.  Becoming teachable and correctible were critical to my maturity as a son.  Concerning new activities: Instead of doing something until HE prevented me from proceeding, I have learned and continue to learn to do nothing until I hear HIM.  Our goal should be to respond to HIS Word when called upon and not commit to fruitless activities that prevent our availability to HIS specific direction.  I am “wired” to be a doer, ask my wife.  “Doing nothing” takes discipline.  However, Our Heavenly Father placed that attribute in me for my calling of “service” to mankind.  When another Board Member of Servias called me and Our Heavenly Father had told him that I should conduct this Census, my wife and I inquired of HIM.  I wasn’t looking take on an activity of this nature but Our Heavenly Father wanted to establish this Census by two or three witnesses.  Had HE told just me, then there might be a question of intent, especially when we are dealing with money.  Anytime there is a monetary aspect to an activity, the level of scrutiny dramatically increases.  This is why Servias Ministries was willing to provide as many of the ransom coins as needed… even all of them.  I no longer have a reluctance to open the checkbook when Our Heavenly Father assigns me a task.

Once HE confirmed to us that a Second Census was at hand, we asked the question, “How long?”.  HE told us the end date was the Day of Atonement.  I had to look up the date.  I did not realize until yesterday that this is the earliest day of our calendar that this feast day could occur, a “coincidence” indeed.

Why a silver coin?  We needed to be lawful according to Scripture.

What did we do with each coin?  No, we didn’t throw them into a coin bag.  We purchased coin sleeves to fit in 3 ring binders.  Each coin and a piece of paper with the name of the person was placed in a coin sleeve.  Each person was registered on our server.  Additionally, each person was registered in an internal file we keep for financial accounting.  My assistant had her hands full.


Each sleeve contained 20 slots, the number of redemption, how appropriate.

What was our Census target?  We had no clue.  Our Heavenly Father is the only One Who knew.  I knew we would have at least four respond: Both Board Members and our wives, but that was it.  When we registered 49 and 50, I was excited.  144,153, 300 were all hopeful numbers.  At 414 (cursed time), I was hoping for at least one more registration, as you can imagine.  I had discovered that Stephen Jones’ First Census concluded with 490.  That would be a good number.  We were at 487 and then “nothing”, and found out that there had been a challenge filed in the Divine Court concerning the Census.  We inquired of Our Heavenly Father and successfully responded to the challenge.  Suddenly, 3 more registered and we were at 490 with seven days left.  I would have called it “good” then.  Nonetheless, we had time left and I pondered what the number would be.  510 looked good with “51” being Divine Revelation.  At sundown on the Day of Atonement, four of us checked the registration and witnessed the total:

Census Final Totals

I have already covered some of the meanings of 532.

The foundation of Solomon’s temple was laid 440 years after the Jordan crossing.

44 is tied to Isaiah 22:22  The Key of David, which I believe is Love.  This is consistent in that the “Assistance Offered” are people who out of Love for the brethren gave additional coins to cover the ransom for others.

94 is associated with “the proud humbled”.  It was important that those without means not let pride keep them from registering.  We all have been humbled at one time or another.

657 is the total of all people who have thus far registered at unity153.net since inception.  This number refers to 1 Chronicles 12:16, the growth of David’s army.

Why did Our Heavenly Father assign me to head up this Census?  HE had tested me previously with a gold coin I was to carry with me for an undisclosed amount of time and found out later it was to be used in establishing a covenant with the wealth of China.  See: http://www.servias.org/?p=1289  I was faithful with the one gold coin so HE could assign me to a greater task.  My willingness to respond to HIS Word qualified me.  If I had not responded, HE would have used someone else.

This Census has many facets of revelation connected with it.  First and foremost it is about Love.  Cheerful givers have no issue with paying a ransom.  Secondly, it is about unity.  The one thing that prevented the children of Israel from entering into the Promised Land was lack of unity with Our Heavenly Father.  They were divided.  That lack of unity brought forth 38 1/2 hears of wandering in the wilderness.  Their unbelief and lack of trust in Our Heavenly Father prevented them from the blessings of obedience.  Our Heavenly Father requires us to act in faith.  Registering was an act of faith.

What will we do with the Census coins?  I have received no instruction at this time.  We will oversee this “treasury” until Our Heavenly Father reveals the next step.  This is no different than me carrying a gold coin everywhere I went until finally instructed to give to the man in Toronto.  When I received the coin, Toronto was not even on my “radar”.  As this all unfolds, I am hopeful we will all see HIS Plan come together in HIS timing, of course.

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