Who Decides Your Beliefs?

Technology continues to challenge Love.  Complexity is an alternative to Love.  Love simply serves mankind.  Technology creates more complexity and ultimately controls man.  Why?  Trillions of lines of source code (software) instructs the hardware on what to do.  At some point, there is so many instructions, you cannot easily maintain control.  Immature programmers will place their own “ego” into their source code rather than conform to a standardized, supportable process or hierarchy of structure.  When they leave the project, the next person cannot easily support what the previous person did, and of course, there are millions of projects.  Selfish motives are then hidden or embedded in the code.  It is a house of cards waiting to crash.  Information Technology is not the solution to the world’s problems, Love is.  Love can change the “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” by righteous means.  Who else could we rely on to oversee a change to a country’s belief system?

The following video is a sample of using the body’s electrical system to promote a social agenda:


Who should be in control, men or Our Heavenly Father?

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