The Calm Before The Storm

When I was a child, I never considered getting a college degree in Economics.  As a senior in high school, that degree was not on my radar at all.  For what ever reason, Our Heavenly father steered me toward that field of study.  It appears that its relevance was to be fully appreciated at this time in my life.  My parents were able to enjoy their golden years in a stable economic environment.  They lived the dream.  Interest rates were stable enough for them to retire and live on a modest income without concern for their next meal.  It does not appear that my generation will be so fortunate.  We live in a different economic reality today.

Many people have prophesied of economic or financial events occurring at specific times.  Those of you with Iraqi Dinars know this all too well.  It’s imminent revaluation has been predicted how many times?  Some of you have been so focused on the revaluation, you have probably missed opportunities to be fruitful in other areas.  Macroeconomic events never happen when men think they will.  Why?  There is no sure measurement technique of fear and greed.  Fear is even more difficult of the two to measure.  The “flight” mechanism in man is triggered by some subtle event that is not easily identified.  If the study of Macroeconomics was more precise, the Federal Reserve would not be in the mess it is in now.

How can we protect ourselves from the coming financial storm?  It must be done on all levels: spiritually, financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  It has become clear that Our Heavenly Father is using Servias Ministries to help people through the coming events.

Spiritual preparation is more important than any other preparation one can pursue.  Those who are fully prepared in this area will suffer least in the coming weeks, months, and years.  To be spiritually led is the key to properly preparing in other areas.  We must shift our paradigm of historical thought and focus on hearing Our Heavenly Father.  As times become difficult, HE is the only One Who can properly navigate your life through the coming turmoil.  Knowledge and skill alone are not enough to be successful in these times.  If that were the case, the think tanks in Washington would have steered us away from the coming storm.  Each of us needs wisdom and understanding.  We need Wisdom from Above and that is only obtained by hearing HIS Voice.  As we hear HIS Voice, we receive understanding.  How is Servias able to help you mature in this process?  I believe the four books we published, our blogs, and our weekly Bible study are designed to help you through the coming tumultuous times.  Those who assume that life will go on without any significant change are in for a rude awakening.  I wish I was wrong but the numbers don’t lie.  There is no mathematical way to sustain the current path for much longer.  Only Our Heavenly Father knows the day and the hour that the “fear factor” will kick in.  When that happens, it will be too late to prepare.  Your pain will be in direct correlation to your various states of preparation with the Spiritual state being the most critical.

Our Heavenly Father may have you take some actions the are counterintuitive.  As an example, HE may have you give money when you are trying to hoard as much as you can.  Why?  You are planting seed for future harvest.  Farmers know to set aside seed for next year’s crop.  It is a simple Spiritual Law.  Investing in the Kingdom has the greatest future return on investment.  My wife and I actively support the Kingdom with our own finances.  We support Servias and other ministries just like some of you do.  Servias has no payroll.  I would suspect that we at Servias are getting the most “bang for the buck” through the donations.

The Sunday Bible Study broadcasts are specifically focused on your preparation for the coming storm.  I am rather surprised at the low number of viewers versus those who read our blogs.  If a person gets just one revelation out of each broadcast, the 60 to 75 minutes was well worth it.  People would rather be entertained than to uncover some new revelation reserved for this time.  When the storm comes, those areas of entertainment will not matter.  When the strongman comes to take your house, it will be too late to go buy a set of barbells and prepare.

I expected to begin our Bible Study broadcasts on the book “Raising the Remnant” at the time of Tabernacles but that did not happen.  It was needful for us to spend the extra time on understanding Divine Intent and the quantum versus the non-quantum.  There is some foundational understanding required at this time in history and thus we needed the revelations found in this book.  The “Remnant” Bible study will focus on maturing the Saints.

It is better to over-prepared rather than under-prepared for the coming storm.  The apparent delays are a blessing to those who are still preparing.  I believe the 3rd Baptism is reserved for those who are called to serve mankind in the coming storm.  Some of you have wondered about your calling.  It may be revealed soon as we get closer to the storm.  Jesus Christ has power and authority over all of the particles of creation.  Our Heavenly Father will appoint certain men and women with that same power and authority when the bottom falls out of the current illusion of monetary stability.  HE is preparing those who have ears to hear.  I trust our books, blogs, and broadcasts are part of HIS plan.  They certainly weren’t my idea.  I am simply serving at HIS Pleasure!

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