Compression versus Contraction

Compression precedes expansion, and that is a good thing.  When you save money, that is a form of compression.  When you finally invest it in something worthwhile, that expands your impact to the world.  On the other hand, contraction is preceded by fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  There is no faith in acts of contraction.  In reporting the current system’s expected chaos, it is not done to evoke fear but to encourage “compression” once we get to the other side of the economic chaos.  There is much work to be done in the Kingdom and there is no sense in losing your funds to the current system’s black hole.  Those who are careful to protect their funds and survive any chaos that may come to steal, kill, and destroy finances, will be in a position to be a positive influence to those who trusted the current flawed system.  Your influence will expand in response to the “compression” you are currently enacting. 

Preparations for your calling are another form of compression.  As you invest time and focus in your relationship with Our Heavenly Father, you are setting yourself up for a notable expansion in your calling.  As you walk in faith in HIM and HIS plan, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are replaced with peace.  You then sow seeds of gratitude rather than bitterness.  You thank Our Heavenly Father for providing such an opportunity to grow during those times of trials and testing.  You are no longer moved by your circumstances.  You no longer orient yourself to “contraction”.

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