Global Currency Reset (GCR)

There are many factors pointing to a global currency reset.  We have been in a currency crisis since September, 2008.  For the last five years, the Fed has attempted to resuscitate the world’s reserve currency.  The Saudis are now working to buy nukes to protect themselves.  In the past, the U.S. managed their protection but now the Saudis are publicly disenchanted with America.  Saudi Arabia is moving closer to the Chinese.  When the Saudis announce the departure of oil sales in U.S. Dollars, there will be a major move away from U.S. Bond holdings.  This will cause interest rates to go up on U.S. based borrowings.

In order to prevent this from crippling the American economy, the U.S. must enter into agreements with other countries.  A 50% devaluation in the U.S. currency may occur.  If this happens, the price of gold & silver would double.  As a result of a GCR, gold-backed settlement would be reinstated.  Countries fighting this devaluation may sustain banking system collapses.

The Chinese could write off much of their U.S. Bond holdings with the offset of the new valuation of their gold holdings.  They may be willing to take the hit. The Singapore Precious Metals Exchange has been established to challenge the London Metals Exchange.  Gold is moving to the East, so is the global monetary power.

Could the U.S. Dollar be split into “Domestic” and “International” denominations?  Everything is on the table.

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