Practical Ministry

The answer to global poverty is not immigrating the poor to more affluent countries such as the United States.  The answer is found in the revelation of Love.  Love sacrifices self for the benefit of others.  Currently, those born in an impoverished country and can implement change do not see any future in staying there.  Instead, they want to relocate to a country where they can realize their dream of success.  This exodus perpetuates the problem.  The solution to the problem lies with Our Heavenly Father, not man.  As we fully embrace the coming manifestation of the Baptism of Love, we will be given the solution to this global problem.  Clearly, the current system isn’t working.  The solution is found in the Heavenlies and will only be given to those who are found worthy to bring forth the solution without exploiting for personal gain.  Only the mature “Sons of GOD” will fit the bill.  It is imperative that we focus on completing this maturing process and set aside the worldly distractions.

My friend Wayne alerted my of this video which explains the problem:


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