The Face of GOD

Jacob was known as a manipulator.  He had a calling on his life and did not trust Our Heavenly Father enough to bring it about, so he would manipulate others in order to get ahead.  The fullness of his calling had to wait for his education and correction to come to full maturity.  It wasn’t until he came to the end of himself at a wrestling match with an angel did he finally have a heart change.  The angel Peniel (Face of GOD) wrestled with Jacob until “day break”.  Peniel told Jacob, “for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.”  Jacob finally had an internal change in his heart.  Also, his name was changed to Israel (Prince with GOD, or GOD prevails).

Matthew 5:8 

Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.

The real test for Jacob (Israel) came when he was finally confronted by his brother Esau who had been trying to kill him.  He beheld him as seeing the “Face of GOD (Gen 33:10).  Only when Jacob had come to the end of himself did he truly see the Face of GOD.

Out of Love, Our Heavenly Father protects us from HIS Face until we are able to see without the consequence of death.  HE provided a way for the children of Israel to be in HIS Presence, but in a guarded fashion.  Moses was allowed to see HIS backside (past works and ways), but was unable to gaze upon HIS Face.

Jesus in essence confirmed that we can see HIS Presence, HIS manifestation in our lives.  They pathway is your heart and its purity.  To the pure, all thing are pure.  To the impure, all things are impure.  Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  Your words ultimately express the state of your heart.  Yes, you can project a different state for a period of time, but when stress and pressure come, take note of your words.

As you truly behold creation, you will see the purpose for all life.  You will marvel at the interworking of all of creation.  You will begin to treat life as sacred, even for the smallest of animals.  They all have a purpose.  You will no longer be bloodthirsty and thrive on other people’s misfortune.  You will now walk in continual gratitude.  You will perceive the simplicity of life as a child views life and will quit analyzing everything that crosses your path.  Your pure heart will take control over your mind.  You will no longer see others as adversaries but will view them with compassion.  You will no longer feel like you have to judge everyone that crosses your path as though you know the intent of their heart.  Peace will prevail in your heart because of the purity.

A pure heart will accept the reality of the Will of Our Heavenly Father in a completely innocent fashion whereas the mind would attempt to analyze, project, and predict, hoping to somehow take control.  The pure heart says “not my will but YOUR Will be done.”

A pure heart accepts other people where they are at in their journey.  It’s interesting that we have compassion for those who are physically blind, but little tolerance for those who are spiritually blinded.  A pure heart is not critical of people who have held onto the comfort of their traditions.  When people finally see the “Face of GOD” in you, they will be drawn to change as well.  We must guard our heart.  We must allow the Word to cut away the fleshliness and circumcise it for the pure purpose of Love.  When this occurs, our maturity will ascend to the point of seeing the manifested Presence of Our Heavenly Father everywhere… even in the mirror!

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