A Return to Value(s)

As we mature in our understanding and knowledge in matters of the greatest importance, we will begin to instruct others who will seek out answers in the current economic system.  The current system differs from the Roaring 20’s in that we have a more integrated infrastructure now.  Back then, you did not have millions of automobiles on the highway, planes in the air, and trains transporting goods imported from across the globe.  This is a primary factor why we can have such high unemployment without interruption in goods and services.  The primary problem now is that this infrastructure masks the problem to policymakers.  When you enter the Port of Miami, you see the hustle and bustle of activity, the gleaming skyscrapers in the background, and the normal traffic jams on the expressways.  Only a few short blocks away, you do not see the poverty and those surviving on government transfer payments.

The macroeconomic picture has not improved.  The debt continues to grow, interest rates continue to be manipulated to zero, and the unemployment continues at over 20%:

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Remember, John Williams is using raw government statistics for this comparison.  When you have economists inserting their bias into raw numbers, you can see they want to paint a rosy picture to support their views.  This illusion cannot and will not be sustained indefinitely.  When the “books” are finally reconciled,  expect a mass of people to be searching for answers.  Their dreams will have been destroyed, their hearts will be filled with fear, and they will be angry.  It will be needful for those who are being prepared to serve up some “good” fruit.  It is imperative that we continue our maturing process as the current system grows weaker by the day.  Someone will be called upon to direct those in despair to return to a state of true values.  Jesus was empowered to feed those who were hungry.  Rest assured, that power is still available to those who will be prepared to utilize it in a lawful and Loving manner.

We at Servias Ministries will continue our efforts to minister life, Love, and instruction for the purpose of maturing our brethren.  We believe unity brings forth strength in times of chaos and transition.  Division is designed to keep you weak.  Promote unity, we are!

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