You shall live and not die

Psalm 118:17  

I shall not die, but live,

​​And declare the works of the LORD.

What is one result of being a mature son or daughter of Our Heavenly Father?  You declare the works of Our Heavenly Father.

The first half of this particular passage was seared into my consciousness in the fall of 1995.  A prominent businessman had died at the age of 70 (on his birthday), my wife and I knew the family and attended the funeral.  There were over twenty speakers that day.  During the service, the spirit of death tried to attach itself to me.  My wife perceived it, another couple from church perceived it as well.  My Heavenly Father told me to be absolutely still and pray, we all did.  In fifteen minutes, it departed.  Thankfully, I didn’t die at the funeral that day.  Several weeks later, I went to Minneapolis for business and met up with Carl Petty whom some of you knew.  His ministry was to connect people together.  My business required me to stay the weekend and on Sunday I met Martin Paulat, a most prolific Prophet.  During the course of 24 hours, he had three visions about me and called Carl to meet with us on Monday night to share them.  I was excited to say the least.  We met at Little Jack’s Steakhouse in northeast Minneapolis.  In the large dining room, there was only one other distant table occupied… a slow night.  After Martin shared the three visions, I had more questions for him, what an opportunity!  I shared the event at the funeral and before I could finish, he interrupted and shared a parallel occurrence he had at about the same time at a funeral he attended.  His wife had the same conversation with him when the spirit of death tried to attach itself to him during the funeral.  THE LORD spoke and said, “Martin, you shall live and not die.”  The spirit of death departed.  Suddenly, an angel appeared in the restaurant just behind my left shoulder.  Martin looked beyond me and saw the angel while both Carl and I perceived his presence by the sudden anointing that came over us.  We all bowed our heads and began praising Our Heavenly Father.  That is all I knew to do.  I could not move a muscle.  My arms were “glued” to the armrests and my feet felt like one hundred pound weights.  After a few minutes, the presence left and when I looked up, Martin had tears in his eyes.  The angel told Martin, “Bob too, shall live and not die.”

Two days ago en route to OKC, after all these years, this Scripture was brought into focus.  We are to live in order that we may declare the works of the LORD.  In the coming times, people will need to hear and be encouraged.  They need to know that Our Heavenly Father is not some distant god but is active in our lives today.  As each of us focuses on becoming mature in the Love, Word, and Power from Heaven, we will be able to declare first hand the works of THE LORD.  HIS mighty hand awaits your commitment to come to full maturity.

Incidentally, a few months later, I was asked to be a poll bearer at the funeral of a close friend’s father.  Needless to say, I was not excited about attending ANY funeral.  Sure enough, the sprit of death tried to attach itself again.  I immediately proclaimed “I shall live and not die”, the promise sent to me by the messenger.  The spirit immediately departed.  Today, I proclaim to you the works of the LORD.

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