A Result of Fiat Currency

Large multi-national corporations are in business to make a profit and there is nothing wrong with profit.  It is a Biblical principle to generate a profit.  The problem arises when you inject some form of lawlessness into the equation.  Suddenly, the profit becomes tainted and has unrighteousness attached to it.  It becomes accountable to spiritual powers of this world.  Death and destruction soon follow.  The Bible provides us with many examples of men being moved by the powers of darkness and Jesus found it necessary to be tempted by the devil himself in order to fulfill His calling.  If you discount the fact that these powers are still present, you will probably be blindsided.  Your ignorance of their power and authority does not change the reality of their impact around the globe.  Our Heavenly Father has raised up men and women to deal with the claims of these spiritual powers in the “Heavenly” court system.  They are intercessors.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a rather simple and straightforward system.  Jesus provided us with many examples of this.  In fact, He likened the Kingdom to small children in that it was not complicated.  We are to come as little children, simply.  On the flipside, the other kingdom is highly complex and hardly anyone can fully understand how it works.  The more complex, the better.  This system exalts some people over the multitudes, as though they are entitled to walk around adorned in jewels while others are washing their clothes in the local streams.  Fiat currency supports this disparity.

Fiat currency allows those in power to manipulate value to their benefit.  It is designed to exploit the weak.  After all, what can they do about it?  The masses walk around predisposed with their latest smart phone and “Apps” to keep them busy.  I was in another country recently where the standard of living was notably low.  Many people lived in “shanties” of wood and corrugated steel, yet they had their cell phone and satellite dish hooked up to the TV.  The technology is a means to keep them in bondage.

What happens when the fiat currency system begins to weaken?  Multi-national corporations will immediately respond and move into “protect” mode.  You could say that they are the canary in the coal mine in the currency exchange market.  If they see a sudden devaluation in the value of the goods and/or services, they will immediately respond.  What happens when a multi-national corporation quits taking your local currency?  It can get ugly quick.  See: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/airlines-halt-ticket-sales-venezuela-210753054–finance.html

This would suggest that those who travel abroad might want to carry a couple of gold coins in their pocket, just in case.  Do you think the authorities are going to give you notice when there is an imminent currency crisis coming?  The public will be the last to know.  Who knows before the authorities?  Our Heavenly Father.  HE is not restricted to time.  This is why I find it imperative that we all should press in to have the closest of relationships with HIM.  HE will navigate us through the changes that lie ahead.  In the complex system we live in today, there is nobody else who can insure our well-being.

By the way,  the U.S. continues to add new “currency controls” in a rather subtle fashion.  After all, the current fiat system is all about “control”.  See: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/venezuela-cuts-dollar-allowance-florida-151019655.html

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