Perfect Storm (Economically Speaking)

My good friend sent me this report and it is available for public reading at:

If you read this report, you will note that its main arguments have been covered in several of our blogs over the last five years:

The end of an era : a disastrous experiment with globalisation

The massaging of data to the point where economic trends are obscured

The implosion of the credit super-cycle

Out-of-control debt

Policies have been blind-sided by distorted data.  The reliable information which policymakers and the public need if effective solutions are to be found is not available. Economic data (including inflation, growth, GDP and unemployment) has been subjected to incremental distortion, whilst information about government spending, deficits and debt is extremely misleading.

The decaying growth dynamic: Population growth cannot be sustained indefinitely in the current infrastructure.

The mainstream investors are now coming to the realization of the fragility of the current system.  I suspect that they will begin deploying their investment to protect the value of the investment over short-sided returns.  Oil, gas, gold, silver, agri-land, and other hard assets are all possibilities.

The writers of this article clearly grasp the big picture.

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