Broadcasting the Expected Future

Those is power continue to broadcast their beliefs.  Generally, the rule is: “Follow the money”.  President Obama announced his MyRA plan for people with little or no savings to begin a retirement plan.  This plan would invest in U.S. Government Bonds.  Someone besides the Federal Reserve needs to buy them.  China and other countries have discontinued their accumulation of these bonds.  The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing, then buys nearly all of the new issues of debt.  If you or I did this, it would be fraud.

The spy agencies continue acquiring new technology to improve their monitoring of all of us.  As I posted this week, the technology to stop vehicles remotely is in place.  GM has been doing it for years.  Before long, they will want to install “heart monitors” to track your every move.  If you break one of their laws, a click of a button would incapacitate you.  How handy!  Why all the control measures?  They are expecting economic chaos ahead.  They have built a fiat currency system over a 100 year experiment that worked for a while but is now unraveling just like all the other historic attempts.  Rome couldn’t sustain a similar system once they began to eliminate the precious metal standard.  Once again, history repeats itself… but with more technology to control the masses.

The BRICS countries continue their accumulation of gold reserves in anticipation of the economic collapse of the Dollar.  Agents of the current reserve currency continue to manipulate the price of both gold and silver so as not to alert the public of the impending disaster.  More and more investors are starting to view gold as an insurance policy.  I include silver in this category for the rest of us.

It would be advisable to continue keeping extra food on hand, rotating your inventory in order to keep everything as fresh as possible.  Remember how American companies embraced “Just In Time” inventory management where they reduced their warehouse inventory?  Food chains embraced that theory as well.  This is why an interruption in the supply chain could cause a food shortage in just a few days.  Recent natural disasters pointed out that very fact when we saw empty shelves at the local grocery stores.

Nobody but Our Heavenly Father knows how the future will play out.  The system is too complex for those in power to control.  When the bond market bubble finally bursts, there will by crying in the pillows by those who lost their financial security.  This will trickle down to a time of desperation for many.  Our Heavenly Father continues to prepare HIS sons and daughters to take up the slack when the results of men’s lawlessness comes into full light.  The greatest preparatory steps one can take are to grow spiritually and set aside every weight that so easily besets us.  Establish closer relationships with others as well.  We are all in this together.

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