"The difference between the economy and the Titanic is…they had a band!"

The disconnect continues.  Today, the real price of silver is $17.03 whereas the paper market price is $8.94.  Something has gotta give!  The U.S Congress, Paulson, and Bernanke need to reread the story of the Great Depression.  They are effectively paralleling everything done in the 1929-1934 time frame.  The increase in market volatility adds to the fear spreading around the globe.  The Bernanke helicopter drop of money did not work.  The staging area is now being prepared with a squadron of B-52’s to drop enough cash into the global economy which will guarantee an eventual devaluation of the U.S. Dollar.

All prices are in decline as a full paper asset liquidation is at hand.  There will be no asset left untouched by this mass liquidation.  Investors are running for the door and the music has stopped.  I believe that once the liquidation is complete, hard asset prices will skyrocket.  Oil in the ground is a real liquid asset.  Gold bullion has no liability.  The premiums for bullion are unbelievable.  Dealers cannot get the product at the stated paper price.  Nobody is selling!  Gold and silver prices will reconnect with supply and demand soon.

The next president will have monumental problems to deal with.  If the next president raises taxes, the economy will dip deeper than currently projected.  Just as in the Book of Judges, people repeat history because they continue to do what is right "in their own eyes" rather than seek Our Heavenly Father’s Wisdom.

The Ten Commandments, Laws, and Statutes were given to us for our safety.  Those laws, if followed, would ensure a peaceful and productive society.  The basis of the entire 613 commandments, laws, and statutes is Love.  Society has departed from love.  Technology has promoted separation and isolation of relationships.  Face to face communication has been replaced by the telephone, email, and text messages.  Complexity has replaced simplicity in business.  Everyone is just too busy!  Customer service is "history" and technology is a pathetic attempt to replace the needed human assessment in problem determination.  Market traders have based their views on computer programs, technical indicators, and an abundance of facts.  They were wrong!  Technology is to serve man but man seems to be serving technology.  Alan Greenspan was grilled by legislators this week and he called the current crisis a "financial tsunami".  (Hmmm!  I wonder if he has been reading our blogs?  Our view is based on the Laws of GOD, not man.)  His excuse was that none of the Fed’s sophisticated computer models predicted the crisis.

From a macro view, the U.S. is heading towards default.  Next year the U.S. deficit will exceed $1 Trillion.  The U.S. cannot guarantee everything under the sun. Only our Heavenly Father could do that.  The global market is larger than any government.

What is the solution?  A paradigm shift in thinking must occur and it will.  As in the Book of Judges, the people will repent and turn back to The Lord.  Fear and greed are alternatives to Love.  Love will be sought by the repentant heart.  Peoples’ eyes will be opened to understand what is really important.  McMansions will no longer be the focus.  Technology will lose its luster as people finally realize that technology will not solve the core problems confronting them.  Less will be more.  Anything classified as "high maintenance" will be purged.  People will look back in disbelief as they ponder their failures in nurturing relationships with family and friends.  The good news is that Love forgives and wipes the slate of history clean.  As Love sweeps through a country, Heavenly Wisdom will provide solutions to those "unsolvable" problems.  I believe the revelation of unlocking "free energy" will be given to those who will not exploit it but as an expression of love, they will propagate the technology for all to enjoy. 

The medical field will embrace the revelation of "Biological Conductance" methodology as a core strategy for improving overall health of the population thus reducing their reliance on pharmaceutical protocols.  Removal of toxins and other interferences from the human body will promote health and reduce the need for an ever increasing healthcare infrastructure.  Anyone who has been healed by the anointing of GOD of a disease can appreciate the fact that disease responds to other external, non-pharmaceutical factors.  In 1984, I was healed of hepatitis in 7 days versus the 6 to 8 weeks projected by my physician.  He could not understand the miracle of healing.  Researchers are discovering the "GOD" particle and will be given further revelation as they pursue love rather than exploitation.  The ultimate result will be a dramatic decrease in health insurance and related healthcare costs.

Our debt based society will experience a jubilee but it will not occur as most predict.  Cursed time is followed by a time of cleansing ultimately resulting in a jubilee.  The temple must be cleansed of the unrighteousness and lawlessness.  However, the temple cannot be left empty.  Love will fill the temple and the Glory of The Lord will shine forth!

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