Unity in action

Yesterday, my daughter, son-in-law, and I ran the half-marathon run (13.1 miles) at the 14th Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  There were roughly 25,000 people who participated in the event.  All shapes and sizes were there.  My grandson participated in the kid’s marathon.  In an event of this nature, everyone was in unity.  We all paid our fees to run (or walk) the event.  There were no individual agendas, no divisions among the runners, and everyone was accepted for who they are.  Each runner had a focus.  Some ran to remember a person who died in the OKC bombing, 168 perished on that day.   It is a shame that it took such a dastardly event to bring a level of unity among the people.  How much more should the Remnant of Our Heavenly  Father be in unity!

Our unity should supersede the unity of any group around the world.  Our unity is one designated by the Creator of Heaven and earth.  As we become mature, we will accept the fullness of our calling to be “one” in the Spirit.  How much more should our Love for others be than the 25,000 who ran the race yesterday.   We have a common goal that is much greater than an annual event commemorating those who died in the bombing.

Ultimately people want to be connected to others.  This is what fellowship is all about.  This is what communion is all about.  We want to be fully associated with Our Lord Jesus Christ.  As we mature and become an expression of HIS nature, people will be drawn to us more so than any running event.

Yes, the three of us crossed the finish line together, in unity.  That was our goal.

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