Joint Nourishment

Being 63 years old, people might ask how I can still be a runner at this age.  Most my age are sitting on the sidelines watching rather than participating.  I thought I would be one of those back in 2002.  That is the year I began to suffer pain in my right knee.  An orthopedic specialist told me my running days were over and I should pursue a “no impact” form of exercise to stay in shape.  I bought an elliptical machine as a result.  My friend Doug Evers suggested that I begin taking Super Limber to nourish my joint tendons and ligaments.  Since then my wife and I have been taking this product.  Two years ago I was able to start running again, culminating in running the 13.1 mile half-marathon yesterday.  I believe Our Heavenly Father wants us to be healthy and active as HE prepares us and places us in our calling.  Jesus was in the healing business and Our Heavenly Father will use many diverse methods of healing, even vitamin supplements.  Our diets today are missing many of the vitamins and minerals our parents received from their food.  Much of today’s food production does not following Our Heavenly Father’s Law on growing.  We can’t expect the food to contain as many nutrients as previous generations.  Those who have researched organic growing know all about this nutrition issue.

We take vitamin supplements to encourage wellness and have followed this avenue for years.  I have specifically taken the advise of Doug and personally believe that it has benefited me greatly.  I will be sharing these personal beliefs going forward.  Obviously I am not a doctor and you should consult with your healthcare professional before taking any new supplement.  The FDA has not analyzed my results.  Does that mean I should withhold my belief or success?  The core ingredients in Super Limber have been found to be beneficial.  Do I believe that this product was the sole reason I could run today?  No.  I simply believe it played a major role in nourishing my joints.  I still had to focus on diet, exercise, rest, and other factors in preparing for the run.  As for me, I will continue taking Super Limber and other supplements.  The results speak for themselves.

To help Doug, we created a little company to market his products to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Not that I needed another thing to do, I simply want to serve as a conduit to help people move toward wellness in their lives.  Creation’s Nutrients is the result of this desire to help.  This little company is evolving as we speak.  The website is now operational at a minimal level and you can order products to be shipped to you.  You can also designate that 5% of your purchases support a ministry.  Currently God’s Kingdom Ministries, Servias Ministries, and Whole Heart Solutions are listed.  The website is   Is the website as robust as we want it?  Not by a long shot.  However you can at least order and get shipped products you want.  Over time we will provide more information on the site to help you make better decisions about nutritional needs.  Bear with us until then.  Greater usage will uncover any weakness in the development of the website.

Each of you is responsible and accountable for your own health.  Our Heavenly Father provides physicians as the need arises.  HE also moves upon us to focus on healthy nutrition so that we are able to carry out our mission.  Many of you are already taking supplements.  Why not buy from those who share the same Spiritual goals as you?  My goal is to help support the brethren in the area of my calling.  After being on Doug’s supplements for fifteen years, I can bear witness of his intent to help in the area of wellness.  I will share other products we take and why we take them in forthcoming blogs.

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