A Comment to the Dream

Hi Bob,

Thank you for sharing this dream revelation.

In our lives the dream likens the dilapidated structure to our standing before God, imperfect but in His love and mercy, adequate to withstand the hail to the extent it protects our spiritual vitals as in He protects our head as in being part of the Body of Christ.

The clusters of hailstones plummet in stillness where the omission of wind depicts the absence of Holy Spirit as His judgment prevails from all angles (45 degrees) to reach under the guise of self righteousness while sparing those in Truth and Love. In clustered form as specific and targeted that those of innocence may not receive the fullness of judgment as it surrounds them.

We are not struck as aspiring overcomers as He defends us from His specific wrath but to see His judgment in Truth and not be afraid.

"And the waters will overflow the hiding place".

Thanks to my friend from “Down Under”.

I found out this morning from my wife who was up late that there was much spiritual activity before 3 AM.  She handled it thus I was not required to get up at 3 but instead fell back asleep.  Now that’s teamwork.