Nourished Joints

Back in 2002, I began to suffer anterior(inside) knee pain when I jogged.  I quit for awhile and tried again, same results.  Later, a friend suggested I get custom shoes made so I went to a local shoemaker who turned out to also make orthotic inserts.  Orthopedic surgeons sent their patients to his company to be fitted after surgery.  He told me that since I dealt with the issue early, inserts would manage the problem but I should quit jogging and move to low impact exercise.  I was getting older and my joints were not supporting my exercise regimen any longer.  Either no more jogging or risk probable knee surgery.  Bummer.

I talked to Doug, my vitamin supplement expert and he suggested I begin taking “Super Limber” to start feeding my joints.  I bought an elliptical workout machine for my cardio workout but it just isn’t the same as running.

Last year, I experimented with jogging again.  Knee pain was no longer an issue.  I believe the inserts corrected my gait and the Super Limber has helped my joints thus allowing me to jog again.

Pain is the messenger to tell you something needs attention.  My friends are also taking Super Limber.  One is a framing contractor climbing ladders all day.  One could not kneel down without pain until he started taking Super Limber.  His doctor wanted some as well.  Another is a policeman who gets irritated with his wife if he runs low.  Each individual is unique in his needs.

I set up to help other people obtain quality vitamins and supplements at a reasonable price.  I am not interested in “cheap”, I’m interested in value.  I have been to the manufacturing facility and know that Doug buys the best and appropriate ingredients for his product.  He is more concerned about effectiveness than he is about making an extra buck by compromising the process.  I have a 15 year history with Doug and his passion for providing supplements to encourage good health.  I prefer to spend money on prevention of health issues than to simply respond to the issues when they arise.  Pam and I have taken this path and take no pharmaceuticals.

If you suffer from joint pain, you might want to try Super Limber for 3 months.  I, myself and my buddies did.  It worked for us and we all have continued this alternative to orthodox medicine’s approach of knee replacement.  It isn’t a quick fix.  It won’t heal you but it will provide the body with the building blocks for the body to heal itself… which is what the body is designed to do.

When you sign up as a customer of , you can check a box to direct 5% of your purchase to this ministry or a couple of other ministries.  You pay no more for the product, we simply make less profit and support a ministry.

This year I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) with my daughter and son-in-law.  Back in 2002 I never considered that to be a possibility in the future.  It’s never too late to change your course in the matter of health.  I am a testimony to that truth.