EDS Update

Last night at 9 PM I took possession of our beta device to begin testing.  We now have achieved a milestone in our lengthy quest to help those who want to detoxify themselves.  This is device will not cure anything but is designed to assist in the removal of toxins and other substances not meant to be in our bodies.  As stated before, our premise is:

1.  The body is designed to heal itself

2.  The body is designed to live forever.

My brother-in-law recently passed away from complications due to agent orange exposure in Vietnam.  His body’s immune system finally succumbed to the toxicity overload.  Each of us deals with toxicity uniquely based on our own history of exposure and genetics.  Toxins affect each of us differently as a result.  I have a sensitivity to concrete thus I try to guard myself against exposure to its dust.  Our immune systems need all they help they can get.

After we test the beta machine, we will then contract to build the “pilot” which will include enhancements and a reduction in size.  We will continue receiving donations to fund the development of this technology and of course we are grateful to those who have already assisted in getting us through this phase.

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