Books offered by Servias Ministries

At our site you may purchase the books published by Servias Ministries.  The price represents a contribution less the cost of publication.  We provide a contribution letters with the net value of the contribution.  In the past, we have offered these books at no charge to those who could not afford the price listed.  We simply asked them to write us.

We have now changed the website for those who sign up as “members”.  Members can ask for a complimentary copy of any combination of books at no charge.  Clearly those who can afford to contribute should be encouraged to pay the suggested price.  However, we do not want to restrict anyone from being blessed by these writers.


If you sign in to Your Information, we have added this option for your complimentary copy(s).  We will send them to the address in your profile.  As we do with all complimentary copies, we will pay the shipping/mailing costs. If you are overseas, be sure to double check the address info, we know international mailing can be a challenge.

We appreciate our donors whose contributions allow us to expand the ministry to those who are finding difficult to make ends meet… most all of us have been there!

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