Economics of Justice

Noah was a just man: Gen 6:9 These [are] the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man [and] perfect in his generations, [and] Noah walked with God.  He was righteous and lawful.  Being perfect meant that he was complete, whole, entire, and sound, as we often like to say "he was the whole package".  Outside his family, all of society had become treacherous, lawless, and corrupt to the point where justice was gone.  When justice is gone, trust is gone.

When people operate outside their gifts and calling, they must rely on "unfair advantage" in conducting their business affairs.  This unfair advantage may take on many forms.  Disparaging comments about the competition is one way to unfairly transact business.  While marketing your product to a potential customer you point out shortcomings of your competition in a belittling manner in an attempt to convince the prospective customer that if they buy the other product, they will regret it.  This is a form of manipulation.

Another use of unfair advantage is the constant threat of litigation and in the United States there is one lawyer for every 265 Americans (ABA 2007) or one lawyer for every two inmates.  The U.S. has the highest per capita number among all major countries.  There are many horror stories about how justice did not prevail and how the system is "broke".  Domineering people use the threat of litigation against the weak (or perceived to be weak) to intimidate them into submission.  These intimidation tactics often expose a flaw in the character of the person instigating the actions.  If you truly heard the word of the Lord to enter into a transaction, why are you challenging the outcome?  There is a prevailing attitude that use of an attorney is superior to admitting your failure, accepting the loss, and going on with your business and life.  People who believe and live based on scarcity can’t seem to put their trust in GOD, the possessor of heaven and earth, who knows where all the wealth is and can bring forth blessing at any time.

People judge themselves by their intentions and everyone else by their actions.  Have you ever found yourself under the microscope of a judgmental person?  No matter what you do or say, you can never seem to satisfy that person.  It is because they have a core issue that must be dealt with such as rejection by a parent or some other traumatic experience that puts a wall of protection up.  People use their judgmental attitude with others to seek unfair advantage.  They attempt to make their problem your problem by convincing you that their predicament was somehow linked to you.  The end result is a downward spiral of isolation and bitterness often resulting in sickness and disease.  Attempts at unfair advantage will ultimately backfire.

In contrast, Our Heavenly Father gives each of us a unique advantage of our specific gifts and callings.  HE provides everything necessary for us to carry out our calling whether it be a leader or a carpenter.  If you are called to be a carpenter, you will have the passion and desire to be the best carpenter around.  When you walk in your calling, you will practice justice and will not need to seek unfair advantage of others- you will be a "just man".  If you reject your calling or fail to pursue the revelation of your calling, you will create separation with GOD and others around you.  By necessity you will use unfair advantage and sow the seeds of injustice in your life.  Ultimately you will reap what you sow, a GOD given law.

This is what has happened in the United States.  Investment banks, mortgage companies, ratings agencies, regulatory agencies, and unqualified consumers created a massive financial crisis.  On top of that, unregulated derivatives (casino bets) have infiltrated the current economic system like a plague.  This has created a "target rich" environment for those 1,143,358 attorneys practicing in the U.S.  Don’t get me wrong, in our current system attorneys are needed to handle dispute resolution and contract clarification.  The problem is that most attorneys do not receive their wisdom from above but pursue a position of unfair advantage for their client.  Justice does not matter, winning at all cost does.

The new Administration in the U.S. has pledged a return to regulation.  Regulation is necessary in an environment that pursues unfair advantage.  Less regulation would work if people were basically "good" however the last 25 years has shown us otherwise.  The question now is whether the unregulated nightmare will cause the demise of the current system.  Many of the major banks are technically insolvent and all of the injustices of the current system have created mistrust among the players.  Without trust the system will not work.  For years I marveled in how the banking system could get away with leveraging bets(derivatives) and reaping extravagant profits with no apparent downside.  The seeds they sowed are now producing unwanted fruit.

My recommendation: repent, turn away from your wicked ways.  Forgive the debts of the debtors, and you will be forgiven your debts.

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