Is the Economy really recovering?

It appears the US Department of Transportation’s Trust fund is running out of money.  People are not driving as much thus the road tax revenue continues to dwindle. reports:

Down for the Month, August Existing-Home Sales Were in Tenth Month of Annual Decline

Durable Goods Orders Crashed 18.0% (-18.0%), Reversing July’s 22.2% Surge, Dominated Again by Irregular Commercial-Aircraft Orders

The primary reason this lengthy recession does not look like the 1930’s is due to the difference of infrastructure and government assistance payments.  Social Security was enacted in 1935 and has grown ever since.  In 2011 some 49.2 percent of U.S. households received benefits from one or more government programs—about 151 million out of an estimated 306.8 million Americans—according to U.S. Census Bureau data released last October.  Where does the money come from?  Out of thin air.  How much longer can this be sustained?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows.

During the election cycle, you can assume that no negative economic numbers will make the headlines.  Afterward, look out!

Answers to the economic challenges ahead can only be found from Above.  If men were smart enough to figure it all out, they would have already implemented the solution.  Any band aid will only deal with the symptom, not the underlying problem.  We are in truly uncharted territory in this current system.  However, there are no surprises in Heaven.

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