Symbols, Types, and Shadows

This week while walking down the street our youngest grandson discovered his shadow.  Of course he waved at it.  It waved back.  He was highly entertained by his shadow.  His Meme’s shadow began to interact with his and what a sight it was to behold.  All this was simply a reflection of life but not life itself.

We are not to be led by symbols, types, and shadows but instead by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of Our Heavenly Father.  We are to be led by HIS Spirit, not the signs.  At best signs are only a confirmation but ONLY when HE tells us.  Yes, HE is the author of all signs, types, symbols, and shadows, but not all of them are relevant to us.

We have access to the visible and the invisible.  the Invisible created the visible so wouldn’t it make sense to pursue your path by the ONE who created the path in the first place?  Do you follow signs or do signs follow you?

Sometimes you will be placed on an unpopular path.  You will be pressured by others to tow the politically correct line as you diverge from their path.  How many disciples showed up to Jesus’ crucifixion?  Just one: John, the Beloved disciple.  The others dispersed out of fear and denial for the public pressure was greater than their revelation and understanding.

Symbols, types, and shadows can be a carnal taskmaster.  I saw one young lady who made a trip to the northeast and listened to her recount signs she experienced for 45 minutes .  She then interpreted those signs to justify her current state.  Signs don’t produce fruit, they at best are simply a shadow of fruit.  She missed the opportunity to simply “BE”.

Are you called to be a light unto the world or simply a reflection or cast a shadow?  Each of us are called to a personal relationship with FATHER.  We each have the opportunity to receive directly from HIM.  Yes, it is important to interact with others as they share what FATHER is saying to them.  That is the “spice” of life.  The sharing is just one aspect of joy, encouragement, and growth among the saints.  Forsake not the fellowshipping of the saints.

Our walk must come from within, not based on external signs.  We must not delay what we are hearing from FATHER as we wait for external signs to confirm HIS Word to us.  As we become mature sons and daughters, we know HIS plan, will, and purpose.  We don’t need to rely on some external confirmation.

When you move into uncharted territory there are no signs to follow, only HIS Voice.  This is where trust and assurance come into play.  The young and immature need signs to assure and comfort them.  That is okay.  They may even be entertained by them.  That can be a precious sight as well.  But in the end, the mature ones will hear the Word and respond.  They will not look to the external or others for assurance for the know HIM, HIS Word and the Divine Intent behind HIS Word.

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