Three Nights of Songs

Earlier this month my wife was up late after I went to bed.  In our household, I am the first one up, she is the last one to bed.  While preparing to go to bed, she heard music in the living room and thought the television was left on.  She went to investigate but it was already turned off.

The next night, she heard music again, somewhere in the house.  Once again she went to investigate.  All was silent as she went throughout the house.

The third night, the music was louder and she thought the music originated from the cabana and thought someone was in the cabana with the music on.  The music each night was like an orchestra.  She went outside to investigate once again.  She was at total peace but the lights were out and all was silent in the cabana.

I discovered the following piece this morning and believe it to be applicable to the three nights of music she experienced:

I quote:

“Many centuries ago there was a Greek musicologist named Boethius.  Boethius theorized that there were three main levels of music, and he gave each level a name.  The lowest form of music was what he called musica instumentalis.  This referred to audible music, either sung or played, performed mainly for entertainment purposes.  This is the kind that all people are most familiar with.  As we all know, there have been countless works of music written and played over the years which have been and still are incredibly beautiful but which still belong to this category.

            “The second highest level of music, according to Boethius, was what he called musica humana, which was an audible music, but referred only to that which existed between God and man.  It was not intended to be entertaining, but the music was spiritual in nature.  The song being sung could be a prayer, an exhortation to people, or it could even be a prophetic song.  We, of course, are familiar with and thankful for the gift of spiritual singing, that of singing a higher song in the Spirit that has never been sung before.       

              “But Boethius recognized that there existed music  of yet a far higher nature.  He recognized that there are symphonies that have always been playing in a realm that far transcends our natural ears.  He recognized that the earth, nature, the atmosphere, and all of Creation are lost in melodies far, far more beautiful than any human ear can hear, but which can be heard only by those who have spiritual ‘ears to hear,’ those who listen to the voice of the Spirit.  He called this level of music musica mundana, also given the names ‘Music of the Cosmos,’ ‘Harmony of the Spheres,’ or the ‘Symphony of the Universe,’ which referred to this very vibration of all celestial and terrestrial bodies and all of Creation.  The scriptures declare that even the very elements give glory to the King of kings! (Isa. 55:12; Job 38:7; Isa. 44:23).  Yes, there is indeed such music saturating even the air all around us.  But only the sons and daughters of the living God can tune in to that higher frequency and sing its melody, for these are they WHO ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD!

            “This music is more than just sound.  There are not necessarily any words with it.  It is not learned in words, nor does it depend upon words.  But it is a living, throbbing vibration of all that God is, which is felt and released from the very center of the spirit!  This music is the beauty and glory  of the Resurrected Christ!  It is the unbroken communion between Christ and His Church, between the Bridegroom and the Bride, and between the Creator and His Creation!

            “The source of power behind this Song of Songs is not musical overtones but SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS of Perfect Love, Life Everlasting, Joy Unspeakable, and unending expressions of Praise and Thanksgiving, springing up from deep within a heart that is filled with all the fullness of Him who reigneth forever and ever!  It is a song BORN OF LOVE!  It doesn’t just tickle our natural ears, but it pierces the heart and spirit of men!  The Song actually operates on a Love so great that men’s hearts shall be opened and melted as they hear!  The Day shall come when they shall respond to the quickening power of that Song and join their voices with all the angelical host and sing and sing with such a lyrity of heart, mind, soul, body, and spirit until they become enraptured into the beauty of infinite harmony!  Creation shall then be truly lifted!  Chains shall be broken!  Captives shall be liberated as the Resurrected Christ is made alive!

            “We, as members of this glorious body of Christ, are called not only to sing that Song, but to BECOME that Living Song of Songs!  ‘And give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth’ (Isa. 62:7).  It is when we BECOME this precious melody of love that its power is made manifest.   We then BECOME this rhythm of glorified life, yea, earth’s heartbeat of Joy.  I pray that we all put on ‘ears to hear’ and join our voices with all the myriads of angels and become that Song.  For each individual who develops the power to hear it with spiritual ears can send it on and lift the burdened hearts of a weary world!  Hallelujah!  For, “Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound…!’ (Ps. 89:15).

            “As the never-ending fire of God which cannot go out, this Song has always been ringing throughout Creation and it cannot die.  Its melody of Life, Love, and Praise DEMANDS expression!  Some men may slam their doors, and try to drown it out, but all their noise cannot smother the living crescendo of Love!  Its power and impact are too great; it cometh from above”  End Quote.

By the way, the word “cabana” means tent and refers to tabernacle.  Selah!

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