Preparing the way for the Kings from the East

Revelations 16:12 Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared. (NKJV)

Euphrates mean “fruitfulness”.

The Revelation of John has many applications to our lives and world history.  I do not claim expertise in either area.  However the Spirit of God is an expert in both areas and HE resides in me.  There is so  much information and opinion circling the globe today, it is impossible to discern the truth versus lies except by the Holy Spirit and the voice of Our Heavenly Father.  The complexity of finance, technology, government, and the actions of 6.5 billion people surpasses human understanding.  This Scripture just keeps surfacing in my consciousness as I read about the actions of the world leaders.

“Flexibility to the point of collapse” is where we are at today.  Increased complexity is designed to fail.  Long gone are the days where a teenager could repair his own car.  Complexity designed to tickle our logic has replaced the beauty of simplicity.  Society is forcing us to move away from paper records in favor of electronic shadows of “on” and “off”, + or -, 1 or 0.  Why?  Because of convenience.  I am amazed at the mentality of society today.  It falsely assumes that every person in an organization that has access to your debit card information is trustworthy.  Your information is only as good as the weakest link in the information chain from retailer, retailer bank, clearinghouse, your bank, and all the subcontractors in between.  It is more convenient and profitable for the bank when you use a debit card rather than a check which provides a perfect audit trail of the commercial transaction.  Customer Service is replace by Supplier Servant.

The U.S. Leadership has been taken over by the major financial institutions.  The threat of systemic failure has caused the leaders to mortgage the future of the U.S. in favor of keeping 20 banks from failing.  The other 7,000 community banks in the U.S. will suffer from the action of a few.

AIG’s bailout money is re-capitalizing a few very large multi-national banks who are also receiving assistance;

Goldman Sachs received $12.9 billion

Société Générale of France and Deutsche Bank of Germany, which each received nearly $12 billion

Barclays of Britain ($8.5 billion)

Merrill Lynch ($6.8 billion)

Bank of America ($5.2 billion)

UBS of Switzerland ($5 billion)

Citigroup ($2.3 billion)

Wachovia ($1.5 billion).


As you can see, the money did not go down a black hole at AIG, they simply paid out contract obligations that were written by their London “casino” office who had absolutely zero regulatory oversight.  The Fed knows where this money ended up but does not want the public to realize the pass through “double dipping” by those banks.  If the public was upset by $165 million in bonuses, what would happen if they understood the preferential treatment of the above list? 

All of this has put China in a position to demand global change favorable to their agenda.  While Western Leaders are printing money to bailout financial services institutions, China continues to invest in infrastructure for the future.  In the 80’s we looked to Japan for their manufacturing prowess.  It appears in the 10’s we will look to China for their governing ability.  The West is certainly preparing the way for the Kings from the East.

vi [dīfang]
watch out!