A Basic Truth

GOD is Love and everyone was created by HIS Divine Intent.

Consider the ramifications of that statement.  Doesn’t that explain why you must Love your neighbor and even Love your enemies?  If everyone was created by Love then  their level of wellness is determined by whatever condition their Love is currently in.  When the inner power of Love is neglected or denied, the outer reflects this neglect.  When one abuses Love, he or she moves to a state of disequilibrium and becomes conflicted in all areas of life, a state of confusion exists.

Jesus Christ is the pattern Son to compare our walk with.  He was never sick or feeble but instead healed all manner of sickness and disease.  Each of us must consider our current state of wellness and compare it to His example.  We can rationalize why we are in a lesser state but in the final analysis we must give consideration to the issue at hand.

There has been something missing in the maturing process of many.  When we look at those who are scholars, we see that they have not found the answer to wellness.  I was in a meeting where the keynote speaker who was esteemed as being most Spiritually mature could barely walk and found it necessary to sit while preaching his message.  The body is designed to heal itself so we must conclude that there is some interference in the body when all internal systems are not operating as designed.  I would tell you that past choices of denial, abuse, and/or neglect of Love are the source of the problem.

FATHER’S Divine Intent of Love is expressed in Psalm 103:

1 Bless the LORD, O my soul;

​​And all that is within me, bless His holy name!

2 ​​Bless the LORD, O my soul,

​​And forget not all His benefits:

3 ​​Who forgives all your iniquities,

​​Who heals all your diseases,

4 ​​Who redeems your life from destruction,

​​Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,

5 ​​Who satisfies your mouth with good things,

​​So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

As each of us focuses on the revelation of Love, we should expect restoration to come forth.  FATHER is in the restoration business and as we align ourselves with HIS Divine Intent inwardly, the outward will begin to reflect and express this change.  Love commands the GOD particles that make up your body.  You DNA is held together by Love and any perversion or alteration to its function is due to the departure from the essence of Love.  When you move toward full equilibrium of Love, you are moving toward that zero point where the Spiritual flow has no resistance and all aspects of your spirit, soul, and body come into conformity to HIS perfect Will, Plan, and Purpose.

Will the body become “glorified” when we reach that zero point?  I believe the answer is found in the full revelation of Love.

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