To Summarize

You have now had seven steps to healing given to you over the last seven days:

STEP ONE. Know physical healing is part of Christ’s ministry today. The age of miracles has NOT passed.

STEP TWO. Know FATHER’S Promises to heal in the Scriptures, and be convinced they are for YOU personally.

STEP THREE. Understand that FATHER wants you well. 

STEP FOUR. Understand that Divine healing is included in your salvation.

STEP FIVE. Ask FATHER to heal you according to HIS Promises and believe HE hears you.

STEP SIX. Believe when you pray that you have received what you asked for.

STEP SEVEN. Praise HIM for the answer, and ACT on His Promise.

Over the last century, many have been healed by acting on these steps, myself included.  But there seems to have been a dramatic decrease in healings in recent years.  I would say that the one missing aspect of ministry has been the revelation and foundation of Love.  The Divine Intent behind every healing is FATHER’S Love for HIS children.  Many evangelists began with that foundation but later replaced the foundation with greed.  In the meantime, believers have substituted the world’s solutions to sickness and disease only to find those solutions to be temporary in nature.

It is important for us to reestablish the basics of walking in faith but with a foundation of Love.  That is the proper way to be vessels of HIS Service.  As we embrace the two commandments of Love consistently in our daily walk, we will be empowered to walk as Jesus walked.  We should expect HIS Promises to be applicable to us just as they have been throughout history. 

These seven steps to healing will bring about the fulfillment of any promise FATHER has made. Any blessing which Christ died to provide will manifest to anyone who follows these steps and whose Divine Intent is Love. You could summarize them in three points:

1) KNOW what FATHER has promised.

2) ASK HIM to DO what He has promised.

3) ACT like HE has done what He has promised.

When you have a clear knowledge and understanding of FATHER’S Promise to you, and have asked HIM to fulfill it, then HE expects you to begin to do, by faith, what you could not do before. Your actions, praise, and gratitude prove the reality of your faith, and FATHER confirms HIS Word to you.

Rise above your doubts and fears.  Prove your faith by your actions.  Now you can go free.  Call upon THE LORD, confess HIS Promise to you, and ask HIM to fulfill it.  Believe and know that HE hears you. 

Take new courage. Say, "Nevertheless, because YOU say it, I believe it thus I am healed!" Believe it now with all your heart, and act on it.  YOU want me to be well and strong so I can serve YOU by fulfilling my calling YOU established before I entered into the womb.

FATHER, I come expecting YOU to fulfill YOUR promise made to me:  I AM THE LORD WHO heals you.  I ask YOU do it now in Jesus’ Name, according to YOUR Word. I rebuke the enemy who has caused my suffering. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command the life of my sickness to leave, and every symptom to be destroyed by the power of MY LOVING FATHER.  FATHER, I thank YOU that YOU have heard and answer me now. I claim my healing now, according to YOUR Promise. Thank YOU that the source of my sickness is destroyed, and as Jesus promised, I shall recover. AMEN!

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for HE who promised is faithful.

24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,

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